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Raw Coconut Milk with Honey

Fresh homemade coconut milk is a sweet creamy alternative to almond milk, and it is so good with a little honey and in fresh Pina Colada's!
To make homemade coconut take:
One brown coconut, take a clean screw driver and poke a hole in the softest eye.
Set it upside down on a cup and let all the coconut water drain out. You can drink it, but I find it rather bitter.
Then take a cleaver (or a clean hammer works), placing the coconut on a clean hard surface, hit the coconut a few times until it cracks and you can break it open. Here is a great site for pictures and instructions:

After you have the coconut meat, cut into chunks.
In the blender put:
1 C fresh coconut meat (or more if your coconut has more, I usually do 1C coconut to 3 C water)
3 C Water (less if you want it creamier)
Blend on high. Strain through a nut bag (or clean knee high nylon)
Add 2 T Raw Honey
Mix well and enjoy!

*The Coconut pulp can be dehydrated and blended and used anywhere for coconut flour, raw cakes, cookies, pie crusts etc. I've also added a tiny bit of Stevia to it for a sweeter white garnish. (It looks like powdered sugar.)

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