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Raw Baby Foods

 While  mothers milk is the preferred baby's source of nutrition for a baby, eventually your baby starts to grow and becomes interested in what you are eating. So what are the best foods to transition to?  Well, I will tell you that when the weaning time, (after a year) came for my now 3 year old we didn't give him cows milk, goats milk, soy milk, rice milk or even almond milk. We gave him whole foods. Delicious whole foods with an abundance of their own nutrients. Whole foods and green smoothies. What happened to him? He has grown just the same as his older 3 siblings and is now a happy healthy kid. He has no idea what the yellow arches are, what sugared fruit snacks taste like, or even cheesy gold fish...and he doesn't even desire them, BUT he can tell you almost every fruit and vegetable in the grocery store and he will almost convince strangers at the park to only eat fruits and vegetables as he plays his "healthy store." :) Well, now his little sister is 10 months and has no teeth and and while she is still benefitting from her Mamma she is OH SO interested in everything that goes into our mouths!
 So, I thought I would post some of our favorite Raw Baby Foods.  They are just right for those little pincher fingers and soft enough to be mashed with gums.

1. Ripe Pears, skinned and diced
2. Blended Apples, (without the core and seeds)
3. Small chunks of grapefruit and soft dates
4. Chopped Strawberries
5. Blueberries, cut in half  (but watch for the skins, sometimes they get stuck on the roof of their mouth)
6. Chopped up Bananas
7. Frozen and slightly thawed or fresh Raspberries
8. Softened oatmeal (in warm water, then drained) with tiny chopped raisins
9. Ripe Peaches, skinned and diced
10. Ripe Avocadoes - this has to be our favorite. I consider it one of the most perfect baby foods because it is soft, easy to cut open and spoon right out of the shell, or to put chunks of on baby's tray and it is full of good fats!

*If you need something for your baby to suck on try dried papaya sticks, an instant fave!

 These are our top ten. I hope they help you and your baby. It's nice to know exactly what your baby is eating and that they are not fake foods from a jar or box. You're baby deserves the best, fresh is best!

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