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Raw Ice Cream Cake

I have had a Yo-Nanas maker for almost a year now and we make fresh fruit ice-cream with it at least every month. Well, last week for family night my 2 year old was in charge of picking a treat and he wanted yo-nanas. As the beautiful banana ice cream was coming out I started thinking of how I could make a delicious raw ice cream cake. So the ideas began....
 The other night at 10:30p.m.:) Not usually when I like to experiment, but oh were we all happy that I did when we tasted all the creamy, chocolatey, banana goodness last night!
~I am sure you can use a food processor or blender to make the ice cream, but I used my yo-nanas maker.

You need:
Yo-nanas maker
A spring form pan
A High Speed Blender
A Freezer
A Batch of Raw Chocolate Sauce

The Crust and middle cake layer
1 C Walnuts
1 T Cocoa Powder
5 Medjool Dates
a dash of sea salt

Put all ingredients in the blender and pulse until you have a crumbly mixture, but not oily.
~Make this twice, separately. One for the crust and one for the middle layer.
 If you do too much at a time the oils seem to release faster and you don't get the "cakey" texture you want.

Take one batch and press down into the spring form pan. Set the other aside in a bowl for later use.

For the Raw Ice Creams
 6 Frozen Bananas, thawed about 5 minutes
1 tsp Vanilla
1/4 C Agave
1 T Cacao Nibs
Raw dried Gogi Berries (opt)
1/4 C Raw Chocolate Sauce

1. Push the bananas through the Yo-nanas maker one at a time until you you have a big bowl of raw ice cream. Stir in vanilla and agave. Put half of the batch in another bowl and stir in cacao nibs.

2. Add Raw Chocolate Sauce to the mixture you have and stir until you have raw chocolate ice cream.
Scoop this onto your crust and spread around until even.

3. Get your other bowl of "cake" mix and crumble evenly over the ice cream.
Drizzle with raw chocolate sauce.

4. Spread your cacao-chip ice cream over the cake layer.

5. Top with drizzles of Raw chocolate sauce, cacao nibs, and dried gogi berries.

6. Freeze until ready to eat, at least a half hour to let things set together.

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