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Raw Honey Almond Butter Taffy

This is a simple delicious "candy" that we made up a few weeks ago. My kids say it has the texture of taffy. It's gooey and has a melt in your mouth sweet flavor.

2 C Raw Almonds
2 T Melted Coconut Oil
1/4 tsp Sea Salt
1/2 C Honey (the more raw the better)

In the blender, blend the almonds until they are starting to release the oils then slowly add the coconut oil while blending on low, add the salt then pour in the honey. If you can keep the blender going that's great. It will start to make one big gooey ball. Stop when it's all mixed together but not too oily. My blender did warm up quite a bit during the process.

Transfer to a sheet of wax paper and roll into long "snakes" (this part was fun for my 2 year old:)
Score into 1 inch pieces. Roll it up and chill in the fridge.

*I also made a chocolate version by splitting the batch and adding 2 T Cocoa to half and blending  until mixed. Think Raw tootsie rolls:)
*Also great made with Hazelnuts!

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