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Thoughts on fruit

I have been thinking a lot about fruit lately and decided it is pretty much perfect.:) Well, obviously it was the first food that Adam and Eve were given to eat, people have lived on the land for years, and people have eaten it ever since. The last few weeks with the fall harvest, and the fruit in much abundance we have enjoyed the fruit emmencely. Most days we have eaten almost all fruit, with some greens, veggies, and little nuts and seeds. I noticed something as I have been eating that way.
1- I can eat until I am full, and never feel bloated or stuffed.
2-I have lots and lots of happy energy
3-It is so simple to just eat fruit, and the kids never complain about things being "complicated" on their plates.
4-It tastes so sweet and juicy I never have a craving for a heavier dessert (and I am a raw dessert fan!)
5-I feel so much gratitude for the perfect food, Fruit!
Now, I do still feel like it is good to eat a variety of fruits and veggies, and I still feel so new to how many there are out there, but I just wanted to say how much we love it!

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