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Kale and Vegetable Salad

Usually when I have a kale salad I use vinaigrette dressings, sweet berries, and fruit. This weekend I switched it up and came out with a delicious Kale and Vegetable Salad. Even my husband couldn't believe it was an all-kale based salad that he really liked! Simple, delicious, and super healthy. What more could you want?

For the Salad
2 Bunches of Kale, wash and cut out the spines, then chop and slightly massage. *about 6 C.
1/4 C Red Bell Pepper, chopped small
1/4 C Carrots, chopped small
1/2 C Baby tomatoes, halved
1/4 C Diced, celery

1/2 Cucumber, Chopped. FIRST sliced in half, and seeded. (Slice length wise  then run your spoon down the middle to get the seeds out)
1/4 C Raisins
1/4 C Chopped Walnuts
1 T Hemp Seeds
1 Avocado, cubed

Add all the above and mix with 1/2 C thinned Veggie Dressing.
Sprinkle on 1 Tbsp. Nutritional Yeast and add extra Sea Salt as needed.

Mix together well.
As you stir in the dressings, the avocado and the dressing start to mix a create a creamier texture for the dressing.

You can eat it right away, or let it marinate in the fridge for 15 minutes or so. Even stays great through the night.

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