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Raw Tomato Carrot Bread

A couple years ago I thought I could make a raw bread by putting a whole loaf-shaped raw dough in the dehydrator..little did I know then that the inside would always stay gooey. This year a friend showed me how she formed a loaf, sliced the pieces, and dehydrated the slices. What a new world is open to me now!

This bread is great for sandwiches or if you are just craving a bread texture. There is not too much flavor, but if you are creative you can add whatever spices and herbs you like.
Here is the plain recipe.

2 C ground flax seeds, I like golden
1 C carrots
1 Tomato
1 tsp. Sea Salt
1 clove of garlic, pressed
3/4-1 C Water

Blend flax seeds into meal. Pour into a bowl
Blend Carrots, Tomato, salt, garlic, and water.
Mix with flax seed meal until thoroughly mixed. It should be thick.

Lay dough onto cutting board and form into a loaf with your hands.

Cut into 1/8 inch. Slice and lay separately onto a dehydrating sheet.
Dehydrate 2-3 hours. Check and see if you want it harder. Put slices back together in loaf form and store in an airtight container.
I think I'd like to try it with a little coconut oil, garlic, and salt on top for a garlic bread.

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