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Buckwheat Cereal and Bananas

I got this idea from Ani Phyo's raw food book. A great cereal and another "sun dried" food for me. I liked it much better than most other sprouted grains I've tried for cereal since it didn't have too much flavor, and it stayed solid.

5-6 C Buckwheat
Soak it in water overnight. Draining off the water a few times and refilling it with fresh water.
Once sprouted, drain all the water off and pour buckwheat onto a big cookie sheet. I know you can use a dehydrator, but I actually just set these out in the sun all day, mixing them up by hand every couple hours until they were hard and crispy. Then I stored them in a Tupperware cereal holder.

Serve with Almond Milk and cut up bananas.
It is nice and textured, and the bananas add just enough sweet.

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