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Rawtalian Ice or Healthy Snowcones

Call it a snowcone, an icee, Italian Ice, a slushy or whatever...we called it a "Rawtalian Ice" Whatever you call it, call it yummy and the perfect summer treat!

Juice 4 Lemons (or 2 Lemons and 2 Lime) Juiced = about 1 Cup Juice
1/3-1/2 C Agave (taste to your liking)
4 C Ice

Put all in the blender and if you have the Blendtec, like me, than push the Ice Cruss/Milkshake button and voi-la! The perfect summer treat. You could also try other flavors like orange, or put an apple or 2 and strawberries through the juicer and use that juice. Yum.
Yield: About 4 cups

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